Lauren & Ashley Camp


Twynn [adjective] :1. forming, or being one of, a pair   born at one birth.

                              2.Doing everything together.

                              3. Knowing what the other is thinking


Nothing is more satisfying than to see your dreams become reality! Ever since we were little girls, we would ask for a new camera for every holiday. Shout out to our parents for always honoring that wish list. We have more prints, memory cards and old disposable cameras than any two girls should have. In October 2015 we were asked to help shoot our first wedding!!!! That is the moment our passion with capturing life’s special moments became our obsession. Since shooting that first wedding we have been amazed at the amount of people wanting us to capture their timeless moments.  With a full planner with five weddings and many other various sessions on our 2016 calendar we decided it was time to come up with our name and website. So here we are… Twynn Takes Photography, Everyone! 

We have a special bond and uniqueness of being twins! So why not carry through with our uniqueness and spell it Twynn Takes. Having your favorite sidekick who also shares all your same creative thoughts and passions makes our sessions so much fun for us and our clients. Twins share such special bonds allowing us to capture the perfect moment from all angles. Reading each others minds really comes in handy for Twynn Takes Photography.

Growing up on our family dairy farm in small town Eatonton, Georgia has created our love for the outdoors. If you hang out with our family for just one day you would quickly understand that nothing make sense and life is all fun and games with us around!! Our family is our everything. We are just southern raised, country girls who love small town, Eatonton.  

Did we mention weddings are our favorite events to shoot? We have been collecting bridal magazines ever since we were in high school... oops. Also, our wedding Pinterest board might be to a complete max. To put in in short terms... We are obsessed with capturing any of life’s special moments.