Twynn [adjective] :  1. forming, or being one of, a pair   born at one birth.

                              2.Doing everything together.

                              3. Knowing what the other is thinking


Even before we took our first breathes, we have been side by side every day.  Being an identical twin is so amazing so so rewarding. Our hearts minds and souls are forever connected allowing us to experience life so uniquely. 

As little girls we thrived on coloring books, art projects, creating things and playing make believe. Today we stills find ourselves wrapped around projects and creating new things and making old things look new while always capturing the newest creation forever in a photo. All birthday wishes included a new camera whether it be a disposable one until we finally convinced our parents a real camera was something we truly needed. Every vacation we took somehow we were able to convince our parents to buy us the latest pocket sized digital camera to capture all the families crazy moments. 

As the years past we added to our "obsessions" shopping trips to Target or TJMaxx to search for the latest trendy home ideas hoping each time to convince our mom that yes we really did need that cute new comforter set, or that unique basket to keep our little art supplies in and of course every trip ended with anew photo albums or scrap book to forever store our daily life in. Growing up in a tight knit family where God was the center of everything and the love for family was undeniable emerged foundation of everything we treasure.  Growing up in a small town on a dairy farm has been the richest blessing to us both. Hard work and dedication go hand in hand with the world we grew up in. Our daddy always said the cows don't know it's Christmas so he would have to go to the barn and work as we waited with baited breathe for him to return so that we could run downstairs to see what Santa has brought us.  We are truly blessed to have been taught the work ethic our daddy possesses. 


While in high school we got the itch to flip a house so we scheduled an appointment with a real estate agent to search for one!  That perhaps began the duel desire to search, remodel and eventually sell a house.  The summer of our sophomore year in college the two of us purchased and remodeled an older house on our college campus and lived there for two years and continue today to rent it. The following summer we did an even bigger project as we remodeled a 10 room motel our father has purchased. It like our house was the funniest experience ever.  We worked daily on both our house and the motels those two summers usually working a minimum of ten hours a day.  The  rewards of our hard work seeing the fresh newly redone spaces were so rewarding.  Meantime we were trying relentlessly to minor in photography at Georgia College. But all the classes would always be filled allowing g us only to be able to take a digital media class. But the obsession with photography and the desire to continue our pursuit of photography led us to begin Twynn Takes Photography immediately after receiving our Marketing degrees with both having a minor in Management from Georgia College. Senior year in college the itch to broaden our horizons into the field of real estate we began taking the real estate courses. Our college workload was heavy and the demands of the real estate courses found us over loaded so we decided for the moment to concentrate solely on our future in photography. That decision proved a very smart one because Twynn Takes Photography began to flourish with lots of hard work and dedication .  

Loving every minute of our career in photography, we still had the dream of obtaining our real estate license. So while working long hours capturing the priceless moments of our clients lives we began the real estate courses once again.  This journey also proved to be a long one with countless hours of hard work and dedication to our end desire..... a life revolved around photographing people's lives and finding the perfect homes to live their lives in. To say we are blessed is an understatement. We have met the most amazing people who we are honored to capture their families life journey on a canvas while also placing families in the perfect home they have dreamed of and have allowed us to find to live their story in. 

So here we are… Twynn Takes!